Custom Design & Gallery

We do it all...
...from hand sketched and hand wrought to computer aided design.

Hand Wrought Design

Our custom design covers the entire spectrum of jewelry making.

Barry's custom designs are not only unique but are precisely made to suite your personal taste.  The setting in which you design your piece is ideal for anyone making creative decisions.  Although you lead the entire process, Barry is sitting across the table guiding you to make the best decisions for a piece to last through generations. He is also available to inform you about how jewelry is made and alternative ways to bring your dreams to reality.

As always, come by our showroom to see hundreds of photographs of Barry's work.

Computer Aided

Sometimes we take the digital approach to creating custom designs and remounts with Matrix 3D by Gemvision.  This CAD-CAM system allows you to see every detail of your design from all angles with life-like metal and gemstones through computer renderings.
Your new design will have the accuracy and quality of a masterpiece and you can see it all before it is even made.  But until it is in the hands of jeweler it is not complete.  The computer can only cast the metal, the Master sets and finishes the piece to the utmost beauty.  

To find out how we can help you design your own jewelry masterpiece with Matrix 3D, please visit our showroom.  There are only a handful of shops in the US that can accomplish the caliber of work that walks out our door and we are proud to offer this service to anyone in the world.

"I find that the ladies love the CAD design because they get a chance to see a 3D rendering of the piece and it is usually more affordable.  Collectors and long-time customers want my rough sketched, hand wrought, signed and dated pieces, and are prepared to pay the difference."  

"Barry, Thank you so much for the delightful designs you came up with for both my ring and necklace!  They are stunning and took my breath away.  I told my husband I need to turn 40 more often."
- Trina

Please note:  If you have jewelry that you no longer wear, Barry can pull the gems and place them in a manufacturers mounting or a custom piece.  The old mountings can be credited toward your job based off the gold market.

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