Jewelry Repair and Restorations

At Barry Golden’s Designer Jewelry we take extra care and time in repairing your jewelry.  We color match your stones whether it’s a diamond or gemstone.  When sizing rings, we clean and polish each piece, and rhodium plate if necessary.  We can also clean and restring pearls and beads. Of course, these are just few of the many services offered at Golden's.  Please ask us about any jewelry work that needs done.  We are a full service repair and restoration shop.

Do you have an old piece of jewelry in need of special care? No problem.  Barry is one of the country's foremost experts in the restoration of vintage and antique jewelry.  His unbeatable skills, continue to render our customers breathless.

"We are concerned about the quality of work done on your jewelry.  After all, you are putting it in my hands to fix.  I assure you, it will receive the touch of the Masters hands."   ~  
Barry Golden

Arthritic Jewelry 
Adjustable Ring Shanks at Golden’s. 

“These shanks are great. It allows so many of my customers to wear and enjoy their beautiful rings again!” Barry 

The Finger Mate hinge, expandable, ring shank opens wide to easily go over an enlarged knuckle, then closed and locks securely for a safe and comfortable fit. To open, simply grasp the top of the ring and pull up. 

No more twisting and turning. No more forcing rings on and off. Finger Mate shanks are available in a wide variety of widths and styles in 14K gold or platinum, to replace the conventional shank of almost any ring. If your ring must be forced off over an enlarged knuckle, it will cause unnecessary discomfort. Then, if you do not remove the ring every night, because of the difficulty in doing so, it may become “trapped” on your finger and cause other problems. 

The Finger Mate shank replaces your existing shank allowing your ring to open to go over your knuckle, then close and lock, fitting your finger snugly and securely in the wearing position, without the annoying and unsightly twisting and turning of conventional rings. The hinged ring is easy to put on, comfortable while worn, and easy to remove. 

To have a Finger Mate ring shank installed into your ring or for questions or prices simply contact us or come by the our store.
Watch Repair
Golden's Designer Jewelry has a certified watch technician on staff for battery changers and band sizings on site. Most of the time you wait just a few minutes to have these services done.

All watch repairs are sent to their Certified Rolex Watch Repairman. This service is about 3 to 4 weeks turn around time.

Jewelry appraisals (with a photo) are done on the premises by Barry Golden. Your jewelry is safe and insured during the process. These appraisals are often required for the company insuring your jewelry.
Barry golden has been hand engraving for years on jewelry items.  This is a beautiful way to add personalization, enhance the beauty of the item, complement each others wedding bands/rings, or just add value.

Below are a few items that Barry has made by hand and then hand engraved.

Over the last few years, he has studied with some of America's greatest Gun Engravers and over the last few years has been engraving on firearms.  Please visit our connecting website Golden's Gun Engraving for more information.
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