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Goldens Designer Jewelry ~ Est. 1974

ONE of 124 Certified Master Bench Jewelers in the USA making custom jewelry

Our Services

Our Specialty is Custom Jewelry

Our specialty is designing and making jewelry in silver, gold, and platinum. We also do fine  hand engraving.

We work with clients to create just the perfect piece; one that is uniquely theirs and will become a precious heirloom.  

View our gallery of custom and semi-custom pieces.

3-D Cad assistance video.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) offers clients a great visual aid to see every detail before casting into a precious metal takes place,


Semi-Custom Pieces

Barry Golden's talent there are many items that can be semi-customized to your liking so please do not hesitate to ask.  

Do you have old jewelry items you no longer wear?  Barry can pull the gems and reset them in manufactured mountings or a new custom piece.  We can even credit the old gold towards the job to save you money.

See the video about semi-custom work below.

Semi-custom Video

Semi-Custom Pieces

With Barry Golden's talent there are many items that can be semi-customized to your liking, so please do not hesitate to ask.  


Jewelry Repair

As a full service repair and restoration shop, we take extra care and time in repairing your jewelry.  When replacing missing stones, we carefully color match your existing stones whether it’s a diamond or gemstone. When sizing rings, we clean and polish each piece, and rhodium plate to brighten the finish as needed.  We also clean and restring pearls and beads. Of course, these are just few of our many services, so please ask us about any jewelry repair needs you may have. 

Barry is one of the country's foremost experts in the restoration of vintage and antique jewelry.  His unbeatable skills continue to leave our customers breathless.

"We are concerned about the quality of work done on your jewelry.  After all, you are putting it in my hands to fix.  I assure you, it will receive the touch of the Master's hands."   ~  Barry Golden


Watch Repair & Battery Installation

We install most watch batteries and bands on site while you wait.  All watch repairs are sent to Mr. Dan, our certified Rolex watch repairman partner.  Dan has been an off-site partner for Golden's Designer Jewelry for over 16 years.  With decades of experience Dan repairs and restores high-end mechanical and quartz watches with a one-year guarantee on the work he does.  Dan also restores vintage pocket watches as long as we can locate the parts needed.

How it Works

With a $15 deposit, your watch is packed with care and sent certified registered mail for an estimate. After inspection you will receive a quote before we proceed. If you choose to have the work done, the $15 will be applied to the work.  If you do not choose to have the work done, we will ship the piece back for you to pick-up in the store and the deposit is non-refundable.

Watch repair persons are in high demand! Please understand that this process takes 3-4 weeks as they do repair work for many different jewelers.


Hand Engraving ~ Jewelry & Guns

The ancient art of cutting into steel and gold is the ultimate art form.  Barry Golden will hand draw and then hand engrave on jewelry and firearms to your specifications. 



Jewelry appraisals, which include a photo of the item, are done on the premises by Barry Golden. Your jewelry is safe and insured during the process. These appraisals are often required for the company insuring your jewelry.

We only do written insurance replacement value appraisals.  If you have a previous appraisal please bring it with you. This will save you time and expense if we are just updating them.


Arthritic Jewelry

“These shanks are great. It allows so many of my customers to wear and enjoy their beautiful rings again!” ~ Barry

The Finger Mate hinge is an expandable ring shank that opens wide to easily go over an enlarged knuckle, then closes and locks securely for a safe and comfortable fit. To open, simply grasp the top of the ring and pull up. 

Available in a wide variety of widths and styles in 14K gold or platinum, to replace the conventional shank of almost any ring. 


Special Orders

Golden's Designer Jewelry has the ability to order almost anything overnight for that 'hard-to-find' item you might be looking for.  Just ask us!   


Shop On-line

Life is busy, so we make it easy to shop on-line and semi-create your own style with the help of our on-line partner, the number one jewelry vendor in the USA.  Just follow these steps and you can have beautiful, high-quality items in a matter of just a few days.

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Mail In Repairs & Restorations

There are many small towns that do not have a qualified jeweler to restore your family jewelry.  Barry Golden has restored and created jewelry for clients across the USA and will be happy to help. Contact us for specific details and shipping instructions.

We will photograph your item upon arrival, work up the estimate and contact you before proceeding.  When completed, the item will be photographed and an email sent to you with final instructions for payment before shipping the item to you with a tracking number.